who i am: same as u.

I’m your neighbor, a guy with a mobile shredding van custom-designed to provide affordable service to small offices and households at your location, whenever you need it. On-site, any day, any time.

Your needs and mine are the same: flexibility, promptness, and serious attention to special requirements. We must keep ahead of small nuisances before they become big problems and consume us. We don’t have time to accommodate oversized providers who expect us operate at their convenience.

My mission is to relieve the stress of your accumulating paper headache. I do the work myself. You’ll get to know me personally, without concern for any unknowns who might handle your stuff. I “get” where you’re coming from and understand that your business or household functions uniquely. ISHRED4U exists to accommodate YOU–to make your life easier.

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Stuart Carothers

why i shred: on-site, any day, any time.

Old paper archives threatened to squeeze me out of my home office. I looked for a mobile shredding service to come do a small purge. Sorting everything at once was a daunting project. I wanted to get started eliminating a few boxes at a time.

Nobody would come for a small batch and for a larger volume only when they were “going to be in the area.” Minimum fees were prohibitive. They offered to come pick up what I had and take it somewhere else, but I wasn’t comfortable with the security questions that raised.

ISHRED4U was born as a better way to serve small customers on-site, at your convenience–literally any time–and at a decidedly more reasonable cost.

what i shred: your confidential papers.

Your personal and confidential paper documents, stuff that you don’t want floating around in the trash for anybody to pick up. Chances are, you know the hassle of a stolen account number and don’t want to deal with it ever again. If you’re wondering about the sensitivity of any information, then you already know it should be destroyed securely.

My crosscut shredder operates similarly to the little one by your desk with some serious enhancements. It’s way bigger, shreds about five times as fast, takes sheets up to 13″ wide, works all day without overheating or breaking down, and happily eats paper clips and staples. As for security, the confetti-size product is finer than what the big automated trucks can do.

how i charge: serious savings 4 u.

If your material is standard loose office paper in files without binding, then there’s generally no need for a prior estimate. A standard “bankers” box (milk crate size) is $25. There is no strict minimum, but three or more helps cover my travel. Figure about 20-30 minutes on site per box. Mention this website and every fifth box per visit is FREE.

If you need the boxes moved up or down stairs, or your material is oversized, or there’s no proximate off-street parking at your location, or you’re a substantial distance from my base in Mercer County, then we should talk about the extra time involved.

who i shred 4: in the same boat as u.

Man swimming in papersYOU. Anyone who’s been frustrated by the big shredding companies who want too high a fee to shred more material than you have. Anyone who’s ready to start chipping away at a big lot of old stuff in smaller batches at an affordable price. Anyone who needs service now, on your schedule. Anyone who works odd days and hours. Anyone who wants to use the office storage room for another more profitable purpose. We can stay ahead of your accumulating paper storage by destroying just a few boxes at a time.

  • Downsizing and de-cluttering households: Reduce the need for in-home storage. Open traffic areas; move freely.
  • Growing businesses that want to stay in place: Use every square foot profitably!
  • Relocating enterprises and households: Cut your packing and moving bill. Make it easier for yourself.
  • Stressed business owners and homemakers: Stop looking at the piles every day. Breathe easier. Let the sun shine in!

You’ll just plain feel better.

contact me: time to get it done.

ishred4u, llc

25 Rte. 31 So., PMB #2016
Pennington NJ 08534

(609) 955-4262



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